About William Smithey Jr

A skilled, versatile, technician and occasional artist, William Smithey Jr, has, for over 35 years, photographed the American West’s natural areas – emphasizing National Parks and other Public Lands.

Beginning in 2006 William began regular visits to Iceland. California’s population is roughly 100 times that of Iceland. California and the Western USA had become crowded with people and photographers. Iceland has not – yet.

Mountains, deserts and the Pacific Ocean are central to William’s Western USA imagery. His collection includes iconic and intimate images of the Western United State’s National Parks, Yosemite, Zion, Yellowstone, The Grand Teton’s, Grand Canyon, Sequoia and others. Images of the many State Parks and other Public lands are also included.

Iceland or Ìsland, as it is properly called sits in the North Atlantic. Built by volcanism and sculpted by glaciers, it can feel like many familiar Western United States places while at he same time, being entirely different.

Ultimately photography is about light. In the Summer, there may be hours of great light in Iceland. Or, as often, there will be rain. Contrast this to Spring in the California deserts which may have as little as 15 minutes at the beginning and end of each day suitable for fine art photography.

William Smithey’s collection of photograph on Crated are landscapes, large and intimate. They are of places familiar and less so.