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I travel from California to Iceland as often as time and funds allow. I have been enough times (5) and spent enough days (nearly 100) to have favorite places. One of the places I return to is Ásbyrgi (Canyon).

Ásbyrgi is a horseshoe shaped canyon carved by a titanic glacial burst or, according to other geologists, repeated, big enough glacial bursts. The canyon walls are vertical lava. Midway down the canyon is an outcrop. I’ve set with a camera aimed at this outcrop on three of the trips. I spent years as a 4×5 inch film photographer so I know how to sit and wait. But no mater how good and eye or how great a subject, the quality of the light will separate good images from little more than records.

My visits in 2006 and 2014 Ásbyrgi were sunny and relatively warm. I get annoyed with sunny Iceland days. The light on sunny days reminds me of Winter light in the Southwest Deserts of the US. Great light at the beginning and end of each day with hard work in between. In 2014 the late in-the-day clouds are a great help.



7006  MG 0852



2014 062O5Q9422  Version 3