On The Death of Everpix

Memo to: Apple

Re: Everpix Shuts Down

I am but a small blog in a sea of bigger and smaller ones. I am a professional photographer that uses Macs and iOS devices (nice job on the 5s camera by the way) along with a collection of digital cameras to make a living.

But, and this matters, I don’t post “real” images on social sites. Hoisting any image on the internet is no different than being willing to give it away. I make a living and devote my working life to taking images that have value. Zero is not value. Other Pro photographers have a different view and have gained (sometimes) deserved accolades by using Social media to get the word out; to show the world what they can do.

I have tens of thousands of photographs – more than would fit on my iPhone or iPad. Photo Stream works, after a fashion, but I need access to my photo library, the entire photo library, when I’m meeting with a client or traveling or…

For the past year or so I’ve had just that, universal access to my images, with Everpix. I gladly paid their subscription price and I gained access to my entire image collection, curated in Aperture and loaded onto Everpix servers. That is ending as Everpix, a great service, failed to gain enough subscribers to keep the servers running and the lights on.

In many ways, Everpix has become what Aperture and iPhoto should be but are not. What appears to be a very sad day for the folks at Everpix and for people like myself, should look like an opportunity to Apple. These folks have dug the trenches and laid the pipe and I’m running out of metaphor here. Buy Everpix, expose millions of people to the idea of “all your images, anywhere” and offer to back up those pictures of Brandon’s or Ella’s or Isabel’s or Mathew’s first steps, High school graduation and candids at their weddings. iPhones have become our casual cameras but we use others. We need a drawer to toss the images in, for the more organized, an album to arrange and annotate them. Everpix was this and iPhoto / Aperture with Photo Stream are clearly not. Hard drives die, phones don’t float and iCloud is not yet up to the task of backing up every important image that we need not to lose.


P.S. Everyday Everpix, with my permission, sent me a few images from the past. The images were arranged by year. This was genius. My Wife and I on vacation, my favorite dog, past and present, a wedding, a commercial shoot or some giant home remodel that isn’t quite finished yet, these are evocative and effective reminders of the passage of time. And they showed up in my inbox everyday.