Due Diligance

Trolls and the legitimately ignorant…

The New Mac Pro (20113) is not:

  • An overpriced game machine
  • A fail because you can’t stuff it with spinning hard drives.
  • Just a round PC
  • A trash can with a fan or a beer keg or…
  • Typically closed Apple hardware
  • Will, unlike the pre-2013 Mac Pro, spawn a sea of cables and clutter
  • To be compared with a Hackintosh, a Chrome book or a, wait for it, MS Surface
  • The next Cube or the NEXT cube
  • More expensive than truly comparable HP or Dell hardware.


The Mac Pro (2013) is:

  • Made of server level components (Intel Xeon processors, PCIe- based flash storage, 4-channel DDR3 memory controller EEC memory)
  • The Fastest Mac ever produced
  • Capable of running 6 Thunderbolt displays or 3 4K displays
  • Equipped with dual AMD FirePro graphics cards
  • Darth Vader Black
  • Double the floating point performance compared to the previous Mac Pro
  • Remarkable industrial design which can be moved without two teamsters doing the lifting

The New Mac Pro is a workstation. It will typically be tethered to a RAID system and one or two monitors. Many if us use an NAS for additional storage. It is true that Apple, by limiting the internal storage capacity has pushed some of the cost of the New Mac Pro downhill to the consumer. That said, most of the target audience were using RAID (5 or better I’d wager.) USB 3.0 RAIDs, FW800 RAIDs and with a breakout box, eSATA RAIDs are welcome. You will eventually want a Thunderbolt RAID and they are currently selling at a premium.

Importantly if you don’t want or can not afford a Workstation (or, as some comments suggest, don’t have a clue what a workstation class compter is or does) then you have three choices:

  • Buy an iMac. Fully spec’d at less than $4,000. Starts at less than $2000
  • Buy a Mac Mini. Capable but limited
  • Don’t buy anything Apple. Go away and quite trolling.