Updating the Fuji X100 (not the X100s): It’s a big deal.

I’ve written about the Fuji X100. I use the Fuji X100. I may have mentioned, as have others, that it is a flawed masterpiece.

This past week it became a bit less flawed. The X100 was announced at Photokina in 2010; I took custody of mine in early May, 2011. Despite it’s considerable age (in digital terms anyway) Fuji has not forgot about the camera and issued a major firmware upgrade. Focus speed is faster, it focuses closer, AF focus selection finally makes sense and some real effort has gone into making manual focus a viable way to use the camera (it really wasn’t prior to this update.) Focus Peak Highlight, a huge help in manual mode, has made it’s way from the X100s to it’s predecessor.

Good stuff and rare to see such extensive support for a camera long out of production.