Electronic Viewfinders Are Awful

Luminous Landscape beat me in this post.

I don’t really hate electronic viewfinders. That’s hyperbole. But I really dislike them a lot of the time. The reason why is that they are at best tiny TV sets, and as such have very low contrast ratios compared to the ability of the naked eye or a good optical or large DSLR viewfinder. In bright situations, where there is also deep shade, it can make visibility into the shadows when shooting highly compromised.


In the meantime, what flashed though my mind as I was shooting, was that a Fuji X Pro 1 would have been just the ticket. Flip the front lever and switch to a good old fashion optical viewfinder. Humm…. a friend who visited here a couple of weeks ago had one which I played with..

He may find the word “Hate” to be hyperbole, I don’t. It’s, at this point a big, fat compromise and worth hating. We are years into this and an inaccurate electronic viewfinder adds $400 plus to the cost of your plenty expensive mirrorless camera.

One of the themes of the feedback on Canon’s new Very Compact EOS 100D / Rebel SL1 DSLR is that viewfinders are things of the past and / or they would be unusable in a compact DSLR.

Viewfinders are necessary. Fuji seems to be alone in “getting it.” The $400 you will spend on a mediocre electronic viewfinder will get you half way to a shinny new Rebel SL 1 DSLR.