So, As I Predicted, Aperture Lives On (if only as a rumor)

Aperture is better at organizing images than Lightroom and it’s equal in most other ways. I also prefer the workflow. It is not an Adobe product so the specter of onerous upgrade prices or, worse, a monthly “rental” price is not a concern. Aperature runs only on Macs and Apple uses it and other apps to sell hardware. Adobe has shown that it’s software only business model is frayhing a bit. Their response has been to squeeze the users of Adobe products a little harder. I am not a fan of being being squeezed nor upgrading simply because Adobe has a virtual gun at my head.

The current version of Aperture is 3.4.2 is where I live as a photographer. With a couple of pug-ins I rarely need to go out Photoshop. When I do I am reminded what a mess it has become. Photoshop is a lifestyle, not an app for occasional use. All the non-photographic cruft is just too much to wade through. Though less able, I can get the little things that Aperture and plug-ins lack from Pixelmator.

So, as I predicted, comes a rumor that Apple is developing Aperture X, a replacement for the current Aperture app. Aperture came out a slow, poorly engineered app which has become a stable, cabable place to do RAW processing and manage a large number of images. As good as it has become, Aperture, it was released in 2005 and  is in need of some fundimental re-engineering,There has been some discussion as to it’s continuing as a product. Well, it looks as though it will.

Which is no surprise. Apple clearly understands the importance of digital photography – the iPhone camera’s starting with the 4s prove this. Even Preview, free on every modern Mac, is a fairly capable photo editor. A reimagined and re-engineered Aperature may just keep Adobe honest – at least in the photographic app space. Aperture is $79 in the Mac App store, which is a genuine bargain for a Pro app, and It has already caused at least two price decreases in Lightroom.

Nice way to start 2013.