Roger Cicala of Lens Rentals and the Canon EOS-M

I think it’s great that Roger, he of LensRentals is doing more writing. This is a “First Impressions” look at a the very interesting (and for Canon, potentially very important) EOS-M. The EOS-M is a mirrorless camera that is, in all ways that matter, a repackaging of the very good T4i.

Roger is on my side of the viewfinder / no viewfinder issue:

I try to disclose my personal feelings first, so you can later use that to discount everything I say that you disagree with. It just makes it easier on both of us. I was predisposed not to like the camera because it doesn’t have a viewfinder. I like viewfinders. If I can’t have a viewfinder, then at least give me an articulating LCD. This has neither. So on the front end I definitely was planning to not like this much.

He has lots of things to say about the camera and it’s available lenses.

But, and there always seems to be one these days when Canon releases a new camera.

We did a simple test: we focused the OM-D and the Canon EOS-M to minimum focusing distance, aimed at a good infinity distance target, and pushed the focus buttons simultaneously. We could hear the focus-confirm beeps quite clearly and thought we’d be able to notice a significant separation. Oh, boy, did we ever. The Canon took almost exactly twice as long as the Olympus to focus. We tried it the other way, too, from infinity to close up. Same result. Exactly twice as long.

It is dog slow at focusing. For what I do, focus accuracy trumps focus speed. If you do sports or street work, well this is not your camera. But Mr. Cicala, who has seen and used hundreds more cameras and lesnses than I have ends with this”

So Who is Going to Like It?

Oddly enough, I do. I’m all about image quality above all other things. This camera gives me great, great image quality in an amazingly small package. It had me at 870 line pairs / image height.