Iceland Again – A Portfolio of 2010 Images

Iceland is still a long way from the West Coast of the USA but, after taking a year off, I went back again this year. This trip was later, starting in mid-July and ending in the second week of August. I went late specifically so I could make my first, tentative steps inland.

Iceland’s inland desert is vast and completely uninhabited. With rental car prices for even semi-capable off road vehicles brutally expensive (despite the Icelandic Krona’s devaluation) and tours way too confining, I decided to limit the inland portion of the trip to the developed area at Landmannalugar. Buses serve this area daily and, handily, never fill – the Bus company just keeps rolling out additional busses until everyone who wants one, has a seat.

Landmannalugar, which is the start of the famous  the famous Laugavegur hike, is a busy place. Hikers arrive on the never full busses mid-afternoon. Tents appear and dinners get make. First thing the following morning another 100+ hikers start the 55 km  (34 mile) treck to Skógar.

The rest of the trip was spent in the extremes of the Westfjords and the North and NorthEast.

The 2010 Portfolio can be seen here.