Carry-On: Flying With Fish Assembles a Baggage Limit Chart for 68 of the Worlds Airlines

The title says it all. Steven Frisching, who really likes flying on commercial airlines, has posted a very handy table that gives the dimensions and weight limits for economy class carry-on baggage for 68 of the worlds Airlines.

There is no standard size or weight for in cabin luggage. As a result the allowed weight varies from a low of 11lbs (5kg) on Alitalia to “none” on several domestic carriers. Adding to the chaos… some Airlines ignore their own regulations while others are know sticklers.

Icelandair is missing. So here, as of this date, are the specs:

IcelandAir: Size: total of the 3 dimensions (L+W+H) does not exceed 115cm (45in) – Weight 13lbs (5.9kg.)

As always, these may change so check with your airline before you head to the airport…